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From cellphones, computer screens, florescent lights, LEDs, digital clocks, and eReaders, most of us spend almost our entire day surrounded by energy-sucking junk light.
And I want you to help me stop it.

Our new, cutting-edge patented TrueDark™ glasses are proven to protect you from all sources of junk light, including the computer or phone screen you are reading right now.

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How Do Patented TrueDark™

Glasses Help?

TrueDark™ Daywalker and patented Twilight glasses can shift and block light, which can improve your sleep quality, resulting in better health, by optimizing your exposure to high-frequency junk light and calibrating your internal body clock.

Junk light confuses and disorients the cells and mitochondria in your body, including those that are responsible for deep sleep and energy production.

These cells use sunlight to naturally attune themselves to day/night cycles. They want to keep you awake and energetic during the day while helping you achieve a deep, restful sleep at night.

Exposure to junk light wreaks havoc on this attunement. Man-made electronic lights, even ones as small as the clock on your microwave, disorient and stress the photoreceptive cells in your eyes which causes a cascading effect throughout your body. Some cells think it is day, some think it is night, while others are just stuck in limbo.

TrueDark™ glasses help realign everything, restoring your circadian rhythms and bringing balance to your mind and body.

You can think about TrueDark™ glasses almost like noise-canceling headphones for your eyes. They protect your internal processes from the disruption, chaos, and noise of the world.

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